Huh? Allow me to explain.

Back in 2015, when FANCHEST was born, subscription boxes were all the craze. Ipsy, BarkBox, Stitch Fix and many others delighted you on a monthly basis with a surprise subscription box, designed to bring out the inner child in you. FANCHEST began with the idea of replicating that model for sports fans. Most of these boxes were all surprises and companies didn’t explicitly tell you exactly what was going to be in the box. That’s where making our box a surprise originated.

And, the surprise box was validated by customers showing great enthusiasm for our product and we had exceptional customer satisfaction. We averaged 4.5+ stars on reviews consistently on every variation we sold through 2018.

But, surprise boxes had some challenges including:

  • How do we show a picture of a product that’s exciting without showing exactly what’s in the box?
  • How do we be fully transparent while not ruining the surprise!

So, we took a photo of some gear, explained in the text you’d receive 5 items, and then put a disclaimer (highlighted in yellow below) that we don’t guarantee you’ll receive every item in the image. There was no intent to deceive, but rather to give YOU the surprise you were looking for and that we knew many customers enjoyed.

So Why the Big Switch from Surprise to Telling Customers What’s in the Box?

Great question.

One aspect of FANCHEST that is different from companies like Ipsy, BarkBox or Stitch Fix is that we focus our business on the gifting market, not on the person buying for themselves. While many people do purchase a FANCHEST for themselves (hey, it’s a great gift for yourself!), the majority of our customers are buying for the die-hard sports fan in their life. And that big difference was the friction you (our customers) felt as they were buying a FANCHEST. They simply wanted to know what was in the box before gifting it.

Once we fully established this realization, we began speaking with as many customers as possible to better understand their needs and expectations as someone buying a gift, as well as to revisit the idea of surprise vs no surprise. It became crystal clear that we needed to be as transparent about the products in our boxes as possible, and the mystery aspect had to change, even to the dismay of some of our existing customers (sorry!).

Going forward, our core adult box will show exactly what’s in it. Better yet, it’ll also tell you WHY each specific product was chosen. And we’ve got some cool stories about the items selected. Check out the post about our adult Sports Gift Boxes for the current chest, launched on April 1, 2019, and see how and why the box we chose is the first one with full transparency!

And best of all, our new version will be the most premium FANCHEST ever released. For more details, visit our blog post about each sports product chosen for the box.

Welcome to FANCHEST 2.0 – we hope you enjoy it!

And please, share your feedback on whether you’d prefer a surprise or whether you’d rather know exactly what’s in the box. Feel free to reply below. And when you order this new box, tell us what you think!