Collecting and swapping pins has been a pastime for decades amongst sports fans.  Lucky for you, FANCHEST just launched an exclusive collectible pin which will be featured inside of most of this quarters’ new arrival version 3 chests (pin retail value $4.99). Similar to coins, pins have evolved into a rare collectible item, becoming a huge conversation starter between fans at sporting events ranging from football games to the Olympics.  The specialty pin vendor we use, Aminco, also supplies similar pins for the Olympic Games and is part of an international pin trading program.  

Steelers Pin
Historically, Olympic pins were traded between judges, officials and athletes.  Spectators of the games caught wind of the trend thus pin trading quickly became a symbol of pride and friendship.  The Olympic Games are not the only organization who recognized the joy of pin trading. Disney also has an incredible pin trading tradition where guests buy and trade custom made Disney character pins.  

Aminco also manufacturers specialty pins and other accessories for all professional major league sports.  

One of the main reasons we included a team pin in your FANCHEST is because we feel it is a unique accessory to sport while you are watching your favorite team play.  While most of your friends will have on a t-shirt and hat that you’ve likely seen before, you’ll be sporting an awesome collectible item.

I recommend wearing your pin to the big game or where ever you typically watch your weekly team as it is sure to be a great segue into a fun conversation about the history of your team!