In honor of Halloween, I thought it would only make sense to compile a list of the scariest athletes in sports today. These guys and girls may not be scary like a ghost, but most will make you wish you saw a ghost instead of having to face them. What does scary mean to you? Well, to me, scary doesn’t just mean they are bigger, faster, and stronger than me, but rather they would have me shaking in my boots if I were to play against them. While most of these athletes are freaks of nature physically, there are a few on this list that just have the mental edge as soon as they step on their respective playing fields, and that my friends is SCARY! Whether it be a batter coming to the plate that you just know you cannot get out or a linebacker looking to flatten you onto the turf, all of these athletes that made this list make their opponents cringe at the thought of having to face them.

10. Max Scherzer


What makes Max Scherzer, pitcher for the Washington Nationals, so scary? Is it his different colored eyes, his 100 MPH fastball, or just the fact that he is a crazy man on the mound. All three combined have created one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. Just look at the video below and tell me that is a guy you want to face with the game on the line…NO THANK YOU!

9. Cris Cyborg


Cris Cyborg, the #1 Pound for Pound Female Fighter in the World according to ESPN, is one scary chick! The current UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion, holding an overall record of 18-1, is not someone (man or woman) you want to see inside the Octagon. Combine her background in Mixed Martial Arts with her brute strength in her punches and takedowns, and she can kick anyones ass and she knows it, which is the scariest part.

8. Draymond Green


Draymond Green, power forward for the defending champion Golden State Warriors, has created quite an interesting name for himself on the court. While Draymond has a reputation for being a fiery competitor on the floor, he sometimes makes his opponents fall to the floor in pain. Infamous for his flailing legs, Green has quite a rich history for kicking opponents, on purpose or by accident, and making some of the strongest men crumble. Combine his kicking habits with his actual basketball skills, he has become a fit for opposing defenses and will continue to be a nightmare for players, especially those looking to procreate in the near future.


7. Giancarlo Stanton


In this Long Ball Era of the MLB, Giancarlo Stanton is the Home Run King. With a league leading 59 home runs this season for the Miami Marlins, Stanton was without a doubt the scariest batter to step into the box this season. On any at bat, or any pitch, Stanton was a major threat to send the ball to the moon, and especially in the second half of the season, he did A LOT of it! While he has tormented the National League for years on end, Stanton is now making every team, in every division scared, because he will most likely become a free agent and can sign anywhere he wants. Pray for the pitchers in his new division that have to face him because they will certainly need it!

6. Julio Jones


Julio Jones, wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, is one of those “freaks of nature” that was referenced in the preface to this list. Jones is a matchup nightmare for every opposing team, and has become nearly unstoppable, unless you double and triple cover him.  And sometimes that doesn’t even work. Jones has showcased his unique set of skills ever since he was catching balls at Alabama, and it doesn’t look like he is slowing down anytime soon. Just last Sunday Night against the New England Patriots, Jones literally RIPPED the ball out of cornerback Malcolm Butlers hands in the end-zone like he was taking Halloween candy from a baby. That is just pure man strength on display there folks.

5. Serena Williams

Tennis: Miami Open-Williams v Lisicki

I’m no tennis expert, but if I needed to pick one player to win a tennis match, I am going with Serena Williams. One of the most dominant athletes of this generation, when Williams is in the zone it is almost impossible to beat her. I mean she won the Australian Open while she was pregnant! Not only do her skills make her so intimidating, but the intensity she brings to each point is unmatched. Not only is she dominant in singles, but the Williams Sisters as a whole are unstoppable in doubles as well. Give me Serena all day, everyday, and twice on Championship Sundays to get the W.

4. Rob Gronkowski


Speaking of matchup nightmares, Rob Gronkowski is THE matchup nightmare in the NFL. A 6’6″, 265 pound tight end, who can run a 4.65 40, with the ability to catch anything and everything thrown his way is the scariest offensive weapon in the NFL. Known for his GRONK SPIKES or “throwing people out the club”, Gronk is not only entertaining, but happens to be Brady’s favorite target. And if Gronk gets in the open field, good luck tackling him because once this man gets moving, he ain’t stopping until he has the entire team on his back trying to tackle him. When healthy, Gronk is one of the most, if not THE most, dominant players in the NFL.




 3. James Harrison

Raiders Steelers Football

Quite literally the last player I would want to see on the other side of the line, is James Harrison, veteran linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don’t want to hear, “but he’s getting old”, to which my answer to that would be…”have you seen this mans workouts?!”Harrison is an absolute monster and has been for the last 14 seasons and counting. I am sure a lot of offenses around the league are just waiting for Harrison to finally retire, but with his workout regimen, I don’t know how soon that will be. Until then, he will always have a spot on this list as one of the scariest to play the game.

2. Lebron James


Lebron coming down the lane right at you with a full head of steam…what you doin? I know I am doing….running away! Coming into his 15th season, and Lebron is still the man to beat in the NBA. It is not James’ 6’8″, 250 lb frame that makes him so scary or hard to defend. What makes Lebron one of the scariest athletes in sports is the fact that he can do absolutely everything, from scoring, to facilitating the offense, to running the defense, to managing the front office(?)… he can truly do it all. To think we are still seeing James continue to get better, means the league will continue to be scared…especially if they see him coming down the lane.

1. Vontaze Burfict


As we have gone down this list we have showcased athletes that create fear in their opponent’s due to their skills or stature, but this man right here is just down right scary. Vontaze Burfict, infamous for his brutal hits on the field for the Cincinnati Bengals, legitimately strikes fear (and pain) in his opponents. Not that they’ll just get tackled or have a pass deflected, but that they are scared that Burfict will actually tear their head off. Just ask Anthony Sherman or Antonio Brown and I am sure they will tell you that Burfict still shows up in their nightmares after the brutal hits he has put on them in the past. Vontaze Burfict is one bad man and I sure as hell would not want to see him coming over the middle towards me!


Who do you think deserved to make the list?

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Happy Halloween!