College Football programs are built on tradition. One a little different than the next, but when it comes down to it, each school has their traditions that have not only shaped the way the teams are assembled on the field, but also how the teams and fans become one united front. Whether it be “playing like a champion” or the dotting the “I”, each program has created an identity through traditions that live on to this day.

“Play Like A Champion Today”


Not only has the “Play Like A Champion Today” sign become motivation for every Notre Dame Football player, but a way of life for the Notre Dame community. Whether you are a football player as they slap the sign on their way onto the field, or a Notre Dame alum getting ready for work, the “Play Like A Champion Today” motto has become an inspiration for how Fighting Irish live their lives to this day.

Dotting The “I”


A tradition dating back 1936, the dotting of the I in OHIO, is the ultimate honor for a sousaphone player in the band. While the Ohio State Buckeyes football team has their own storied history, “The Pride of the Buckeyes” band is famous not only for the dotting of the “I”, but also for being the largest all-brass and percussion band in the world. The 225-piece band has become just as tough to make as the football team with over 400 applicants. With each member practicing over 30 hours a week during football season to perfect not only the dotting of the “I”, but other cool formations such as the Michael Jackson tribute in 2014, it is no surprise the Pride of the Buckeyes is one of the memorable college bands in history.

Rock and Run


There may be no more intimidating college football entrance than when the Clemson Tigers enter Death Valley by running down the hill. What some may not know is that each player touches “Howard’s Rock” before they descend down the hill. Howard’s Rock was a gift given to late coach Frank Howard in the early 1960’s, which was found in the Death Valley of California. The touching of Howard’s Rock combined with every player and coach barreling down the hill ready for war, this entrance has been touted as the most exciting 25 seconds in college football, and I don’t think anyone can disagree.

Jump Around

Being a student at a big time football school must be AWESOME! As a Towson Tiger graduate, the atmosphere at football games was dull to say the least, and sure as hell nothing as exciting as what the Wisconsin Badgers fans do at the start of every 4th quarter at Camp Randall Stadium. As “Jump Around” blares over the PA system, the crowd begins to do just that, jump around. Not too sure how Camp Randall hasn’t collapsed yet, because there is not a student in the stands not jumping up and down. If this tradition can’t help lead Wisconsin to a W I’m not sure anything will.

Roll Tide


If I was from Alabama I’m not sure I would say anything but Roll Tide! While it may be more of a mantra than a tradition, the Alabama Crimson Tide  faithful have and will continue to show support to their football team with one simple phrase, Roll Tide. While the origin of “Roll Tide”  has yet to be pinpointed to a certain year, it has become more than just a rallying cry for their football team, rather a way of connecting with fellow Alabama faithful. From the football field to the grave, Roll Tide Roll.

What is your favorite college football tradition?

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