Baseball has been getting a lot heat for the length of games this year. What is longer than a 9 inning baseball game? A baseball game with a rain delay. If you find yourself at a baseball game with a weather delay, there are only a few traditional ways of entertaining yourself. If you are running out of battery on your phone, or don’t feel like spending $10 a beer, below are some of the most creative ways of entertaining yourself during a delay.

Run across the field

Want to feel the ultimate adrenaline rush? Want to test your elusive skills against former high school football players that are now security guards? You will most likely spend a night in jail, but it could be worth going viral.

Interact with the players

Rain delays are the perfect time to try to snag an autograph or some memorabilia. Just be careful, the players need to entertain themselves too…

Refuse to leave

If I paid $10 for a beer, I wouldn’t throw it out either. If you stay long enough, you might even be able to catch the next game.

Go Swimming

In a heavy rain you could always go swimming in the stands. Don’t think so? You’re not being creative enough. Or maybe you haven’t had enough of those $10 beers.

Watch the players

Baseball players sometimes have very bizarre talents. Watch these Clemson and Davidson ballplayers give the crowd a better show than any baseball game could provide.