If you have fantasies about getting on a Jumbotron at a stadium near you, stay tuned. We’ve got the 411 on just how to make it happen.

Virtually everyone has access to YouTube, so getting on TV or a Jumbotron isn’t quite the same as back in the 80s. But if your Jumbotron moment does go viral, your 15 minutes of fame could live on forever in today’s world.

But be careful of risk.  No one wants to see you propose and get your heart broken just to get screen time at a Yankees game.

Creativity helps. So do brews.

Here we go.

Go into Rival Parks With Your Team Gear

You may get outed as a bandwagon fan in a rival park – Oh these poor Cubs fans… Getting clowned by the home team video crew is a bit humiliating, but the fans did reach Jumbotron fame.

Be Slicker Than the Video Crew & Benedict Arnold the Home Team

This genius kid used the proverbial steel chair to Cleveland’s head as he revealed his Steph Curry jersey underneath a Cavs shirt.

Dance Battle

We all know dancing increases your chance at face-time on the Jumbotron. A dance battle all but guarantees it. Just schedule a chiropractor visit for the next day.  “Hold my beer!”

A Proposal All But Guarantees It

This one is risky so make sure the lady is gonna say yes before you go ahead and propose at a ball game.  But if you want a sure fire way to get featured on the Jumbotron, get down on one knee and pop the question.

Interfere with the Game (Legally of Course)

Lastly, you can wreck the action on the field like this guy with nothing better to do than interfere with an MLB player. Please strap a helmet on that newborn next time sir. Good grief.

If you’ve ever been featured on a Jumbotron, let us know what you did to get on the big screen.  Keep it clean if possible.  If you have a video, share it with us!

And remember, running onto the field will only get you featured in “The Bad and Busted.” Guys running the Jumbotron don’t like to encourage other idiots.