Many a wallet has been decimated after taking a family out to a ball game. Even a little league game is pricey nowadays.

Shouldn’t parents be allowed in youth games for free?  How do you think those 4-foot tall athletes even get to the game?  A ride should be worth something, no?

We know how painful it is to drop $8 for a hotdog inside a ballpark. $20 to park your ride in a bad neighborhood is no fun either.

Here are 5 ways to save money at the ole ball game, but only if you have the guts to try some of these risky moves.

Booze in a bottle {high risk}

Ok, this tutorial is useless if you’re headed to a professional game. Security will rip H20 as fast as a liquor bottle. But you can slide this by the rec league gate (shame on you!).

Fake Media Pass {ultra high risk}

You might want to brush up on Photoshop. But this trick could land you at a Game 7 in the NBA Finals like this kid from the University of Texas. He acted like he belonged and got in free to watch the Warriors vs. the Cavs in the biggest game of last year.

DIY Jerseys and Gear {low risk, but highly time consuming}


Leave it to a super mom to avoid $100 NFL jerseys. Check out this creative lady making her own NFL designs. Hopefully Roger Goodell doesn’t come knocking for any NFL licensing fees; we think she’s earned royalty free rights!

Staying on high alert {low probability of happening, high impact if it does}

This kid saved big money at an MLB game when he prevented an ER visit for his old man. Dad was looking for the hotdog vendor and could have gotten his melon cracked via a foul ball. I’m guessing an ambulance ride from a major league stadium isn’t cheap.

Share that burger and fries {just being smart}

Nowadays, a burger and fries at a ball game costs about half as much as the tickets themselves!  We live in an increasingly health conscious society and if you combine that with the cost of eating at the ballpark, it makes perfect sense to chow down before and split that burger and fries, saving you both calories and your hard earned cash.

Got some money saving sports tips? Share your best ones below!