How do you know you have crossed the line into “crazy sports parent” land? Here are a few key signs:

  • You find yourself on the field of play, among 10-year-olds.
  • You and a referee engage in a verbal battle that rivals any altercation in the history of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”
  • Your photo appears in the weekly edition of “Bad and Busted” after a weekend softball tournament brawl.

We get it. You love your kid. You want them to be the next LeBron James or Derek Jeter.

And you want the refs to do their jobs (they make like $20 a game people!).

I’m just not sure that acting like the parents in the following videos is the path to stardom for your 5th grade quarterback or 7-year-old pitcher.

Here are 5 Examples of what NOT to do as a Parent of Youth Athletes:

Check out this coach get the hook while fans argue among themselves. And somehow McDonald’s gets dragged into the parents’ squabble.

The ticket price for this little league game was well worth it seeing how a Royal Rumble broke out in the second inning.

Here’s an awesome montage of several parents going off the deep end. The wrestling dad ripped a page right out of Jimmy Hart’s playbook with his outside the ring interference. To the dad’s credit, he mustered enough self control to avoid using a steel chair on his boy’s opponent.

When your kid grows up, you want them to have fond memories of their Saturday games. Dad getting ejected for nearly making a young referee cry will not rank in your child’s top ten nostalgic moments.

Just don’t act like this.  It’s not that important.

The ref above said it best as she sent “angry dad” packing. “Somebody didn’t raise you right.”


You don’t want accusations like that tossed at you. So here’s a nice little public service announcement for how to approach the sideline:  Unfortunately, this advice is ignored exactly 97 percent of the time by insane parents.

The best way to avoid being tagged as a crazy sports parent:

Act right!