Whether you’re headed out to a Major League Baseball stadium or going to your kid’s soccer game, you best be properly prepped for the pre-game.

We wouldn’t want you to ruin your day with a poorly planned tailgate.  

You know what we’re talking about:

  • Forgetting the canopy and gettin’ caught in a summer rain.
  • Sipping lukewarm beer since you went cheap with the 8-pound bag of ice instead of the 20 pounder.
  • Getting a major sunburn because you left the sunscreen on the kitchen counter.

Luckily, there are some amazing Pinterest folks out there looking out for us. Here are some boards to make sure you pack for the perfect tailgate experience. Click the pictures to see the boards.

  1.  This one is stupid simple. Don’t pay $8 for those ice packs at Wally World. Make your own for about a dollar a piece with PVC.

pinterest image 1

  1. Guys are animals during tailgates. But not every lady wants to guzzle ten beers and fuel up on three burgers. Something light and healthy is not against the rules of tailgating (except in Intercourse, Alabama).

pinterest 2

  1. Nobody wants to be standing around with a large corndog in their hand two hours before game time. It’s hard to demonstrate the swing of your favorite hitter, with a beer in one hand and meat on a stick in the other. This recipe fixes that conundrum.

pinterest 3

  1. Who thinks to bring a cutting board to the parking lot of the stadium? We do now, thanks to this helpful tailgating checklist pin. Oh, and #18 below (two coolers) is apparently a must. No one wants raw chicken next to the Coors Light.

pinterest 4.jpg

  1. Beer isn’t the only way to cool off as you wait for the gates to open. Shocking to many face painters I’m sure. Try these cool treats the next time the temperature hits 100 degrees.  This Pinterest Account (blessedbeyondcrazy) has other cool recipes, so check it out!

pinterest 5

  1. Jello shots….. at a tailgate event? No way! Just know your limitations, folks.  And make sure you’re 21.  Don’t be “that” guy or gal who is a little too loud over every single call by the ref or ump.

pinterest 6

  1. I’m pretty sure you won’t forget to pack anything when you bring your second home to the ballpark! Who cares about getting 9 miles per gallon when you have an exterior 40 inch HDTV?  Talk about a unique way to head to a game.

pinterest 7