Male athletes are no different than any other husband or boyfriend. They can be a handful, no surprise there.

Men get stressed out over their jobs and can be a mental mess when they get home.

You know the routine. Your man loses out on the promotion to some dude with a Harvard degree. So you have to baby him until he stops pouting in the corner.

Luckily, there is a way to find the perfect BF or hubby out there, but only if you’re interested in the athletic type. Just have a look at the athletes below, by position, to see the guys with the least stressful jobs and therefore, would make the perfect life partner:

  1. Tennis player

    Tennis is scientifically proven to be one of the best forms of athletic exercise. Great for the body and mind. When was the last time you heard of a tennis player going off the deep end?  And if they’re good, they can bring home a pretty nice paycheck.

  1. Fired head coach

    Marry a coach that used to be good at winning games and you will have a totally relaxed soulmate. Why? Because he will be making easy money behind an ESPN desk giving his “expert” opinion on a game that gave him the boot.

  1. Punter in Football

    Punters never cost their team the game on the gridiron. They may be the quiet ones in the locker room or maybe even the weirdos on the team, but wives never have to worry about them stressing over their on-field performance. All they do is kick a ball, usually without the game on the line.

  1. Golfer

    The best golfer of our time may have wrecked his marriage with insane escapades. Yet, most of these PGA fellows know how lucky they are to make millions walking around a golf course. Most would make ideal boyfriends.

  1. 6th man off the bench

    These basketball players are loved by the public and they only have to play well for half the game.  They rake in a nice salary, usually put up respected numbers, get reasonable publicity, but blame rarely falls on them when things go south. When they get home from work, they should have plenty of energy talk about your day and play with the kids.  

  1. Relief pitcher

    This is the one position in sports where the guy could hold down another full-time job while still playing a professional sport.  Some of them appear for 1 batter every few days, and others pitch for a maximum of 1 or 2 innings.  They would make the perfect boyfriend since they have gobs of free time to keep up with your birthday, first kiss anniversary, and Valentine’s Day.

  1. Backup NFL Quarterback.

    Want a husband who comes home from work clean as a whistle and a fat game check each week? Then you need to focus on quarterbacks out of Division 1 colleges who are good, not great. Holding a clipboard and wearing a cap properly is their biggest chore for 16 weeks out of the year. QB2s are known to be some of the most thoughtful boyfriends on Earth. They never get to play, so 95 percent of their focus can be on their significant other.