Who are we as fans to judge a dysfunctional sports franchise?  Well, if they’re “our” team, then we have every right to denounce embarrassing behavior!

After all, we’re basically family right? And families know all about dysfunction.

Here are our picks for some (historically great) franchises that have seen incredible dysfunctional in recent years. Feel free to share your choices in the comment section.

7. New England Patriots

You’re probably thinking, the Patriots?  Yes, they are the best NFL franchise in history.  We can’t take that away. But just know they’ve had a Super Bowl ring stolen by a Russian dictator and had an alleged serial killer play tight end for them.  And we’ve heard they had some cheating scandals, but who really knows?  Call it what you want.

6. Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers have a serious case of little brother complex, competing against the Lakers’ historic success.  That must explain all their dysfunction that culminated in the team owner being run out of town after highly questionable comments.

5. The L.A. Lakers

The Lakers have plenty of shameful events that no one wanted to bring up at the team Christmas party. Two of their greatest players hated one another with a passion.

Meanwhile, their coach was simultaneously despised by the son of the team owner, and then dating the owner’s daughter!  And, for an entire year, winning took a serious back seat to Kobe’s farewell retirement tour.

4. The New York Yankees

The NY Yankees are the model franchise when it comes to raking trophies their way.  But they also have embarrassing episodes like their boss hiring and firing manager Billy Martin five times back in the day, their best pitchers throwing broken bats at people, and their best players getting suspended for entire seasons for PEDs.

3. The Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers may have won the NBA Title in 2016, but they define dysfunction. Their floor leader openly calls out management for not replacing one of his most talented teammates who apparently doesn’t meet The King’s standards.  Meanwhile, the leader of the organization has hissy fits when people choose to play elsewhere during free agency.

2. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a storied franchise that has had their good name dragged through the mud multiple times recently.  They overpaid for a quarterback who’s better at making National News for things outside of the football field.  Meanwhile, management decided to fired the best coach they had since Bill Walsh because they couldn’t play nice with each other.

1. New York Knicks.

I could go anywhere with the Knicks. Isaiah Thomas was no role model there. They may still be paying Allan Houston 15 years later.  Patrick Ewing famously said, “We make a lot of money, but we spend a lot too,” when asked about a lockout. Yet, the Charles Oakley ban from MSG takes the cake with his recent Madison Square Garden arrest for reportedly verbally abusing a security near team owner James Dolan.

If all that dysfunction sounds familiar, it’s because drama happens in every household in America…. and every locker room.