Let the Healing Process Begin.

My first suggestion for any and all Atlanta Falcons fans out there is to go adopt a rescue dog, like today. Doing some good may be the fastest way to forget what happened to the Dirty Birds in Super Bowl 51.

Let’s be honest, it must be awesome to be a Patriots fan. Nice to get 5 rings out of one quarterback. Congrats, I guess?

Who would sign up for this kind of heartbreak?  Especially when it’s happened before.

Forget what I said about visiting a rescue shelter. The only sure way to shake the sickening feeling is to adopt a human child.

That could erase the disturbing events of February 5th, 2017. At least until the child turns 18 and leaves you with an empty nest, similar to the empty hole in your chest that Tom Brady certainly created during Super Bowl 51.

Sports are supposed to be fun. A great way to relax and forget the world for a bit. Watching Atlanta basically gift wrap the Lombardi Trophy for Robert Kraft had to be anything but enjoyable.

Thanks Pete Carroll, for starting the tradition of making it easy for the Pats to rack more titles.

I’m sure many of you Atlanta Fans have watched the Falcons since you were playing Pee-Wee football. And you’ve endured gobs of suck during that time.

Then, just when things were looking up for you, and your team was a quarter away from their first Super Bowl Title, the suck returned.

Stronger than ever.

Matt Ryan…. I’m sure all Falcons fans weep for you. But they’re not mad. They’re just disappointed and probably wish you had just went to medical school.

Honestly, I don’t know if the franchise can recover from the utter disaster that was Super Bowl 51.

As for all the fans, I’m pretty sure it’ll take a while to recover. Another good remedy may be seeking the services of the psychiatrist that offered advice to fans on the local Atlanta news after the Super Bowl.

So, will you be adopting a human or a dog to ease the hurt?

Instead, maybe you should try getting adopted by another franchise.
That may be the best option at this point. “Next year,” can’t possibly resonate after that debacle.