Historically, there have been some tragically dumb questions asked to NFL Players during Super Bowl week. This year is no exception with the Patriots and Falcons being asked about things as irrelevant as their salsa preferences, and one other that may make this…

These media members simply have too much time on their hands before the big game.

We’ve got some free time too, so let’s break down the top 10 dumbest Super Bowl questions ever uttered.

10) Cardinals backup quarterback Matt Leinart was asked, “Can I measure your bicep?” – The problem is that Leinart probably shouldn’t have been asked any questions at all, since his impact on the game would be minimal at best from the bench.

9) To Rams running back Marshall Faulk: “How come you have a podium while all your teammates are forced to stand out here?” – This came from a brave reporter who didn’t mind insulting the rest of the Rams.

8) To Broncos quarterback John Elway: “Are you going to listen to Stevie Wonder perform at halftime?” – No. Elway would be too busy smoking cigarettes and thinking of buying more car lots.

7) Bills tailback Thurman Thomas was asked how he got psyched for big games and his answer helped get him on this list. “I read the newspaper and look at the stupid questions you all ask.” – Four Super Bowl losses can make a Hall of Famer a bit irritable during media days.

6) To 49ers quarterback Joe Montana: “So why do they call you Boomer?” – Surely this reporter had his press credentials ripped and sent packing to the mail room after insulting a living legend.

5) To Rams quarterback Kurt Warner: “Do you believe in voodoo, and can I have a lock of your hair?” – Moronic use of Q&A, but it made this historic list, so congrats.

4) To Patriots QB Tom Brady: “What is your purpose in life?” – Idiotic question for a man we all know has two purposes on this planet. Become the G.O.A.T and create supermodel offspring.

3) Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas was asked: “Which celebrity would you prefer to have a one-night stand with.” – There’s no good answer here. Well, there is, but memo to NFLers…..just say “no comment” and move on.

2) Also to Patriots QB Tom Brady (THIS YEAR!) – “Is it true that you smell like flowers?” – and in response, Brady replies “Yes” – to then be asked “Can I smell you?”  Nuff said.

1) Broncos defensive end Shaun Phillips was asked if this was “a must-win game?” – Phillips response should have been: “Is this a must-ask question?”

It’s too early to tell if Super Bowl 51 will add a few other all-time stupid media day questions to this top 10 list going forward.  But one thing’s for sure though, some media members will be giving it 110 percent to sound as ridiculous as possible on the world’s biggest stage.