Please slow your roll with your endless search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him this year. I see you over there Googling socks, belts, and ties.

Actually I can’t see you.  I’m no hacker. But I have been on the wrong end of several terrible gifts for Valentine’s Day over the years.

Five straight years to be exact.

If anyone’s looking to set a world record for largest quilt constructed with boxer briefs, please shoot me a tweet.

Let’s tell it like it is…if you want to sour a relationship in a major way, feel free. But buying socks and sunglasses could leave your fella disgruntled.  Maybe even as bitter as Russell Westbrook after his pal Kevin Durant left him high and dry in OKC.  (Sorry for the reminder, Oklahomans).

Why risk that? I  have a solid solution for you ladies who are looking to blow your lover’s mind with the best gift ever on Cupid’s busiest day.  

I’ll give you a clue…What does your fella talk about all the time?

  • Well yes…. but no, not that.
  • His golf game? Nah. No gift is gonna help a hopeless situation of that magnitude.
  • How he hates his job? You can’t help him there. Unless you want to spend $100K to send him back to college for another degree.

Think harder.

Ok give up?  Does he never NOT talk your ear off about sports?  Maybe you don’t remember since it tends to go in one ear and out the other, we know the feeling.

YES! The guy you are attached to is all about sports. All.The.Time.  Are we wrong?  If we are, go ahead and keep Googling for ties and belts.

So what better gift to give him than one intertwined with his true passion?

Still, there are so many options!  And you know what a headache it is to walk into a sports store and get hit on by the ex-jock working the shoe section.

Let us save you the trouble this year.  Get your man a FANCHEST, the Perfect Valentines Day Gift.

Best Gift for Sports Fans - Sports Gift Ideas
Get your FANCHEST, packed with exclusive gear, licensed merchandise, and fan essentials.

Plus, order online to avoid weirdos pimping the latest Nikes and get free shipping & returns while you’re at it!

A FANCHEST will solve two problems as you shop for Valentine’s Day gifts for him this year.

  1. It surprises him with unique sports items that not every guy downtown already owns.
  2. A FANCHEST makes it a sure bet that he’ll love your gift. And he won’t have to pretend to be stoked about those moisture wicking socks or scarf.

By the way, ladies. You do a fantastic job shopping for everyone else on holidays.  But let’s be honest, we guys are the problem (as always!).  We should really try to appreciate practical gifts.  Unfortunately, we have trouble changing.  

It’s just hard when our sports brains never shut off…. except when we’re thinking of you, of course!