Let’s play a hypothetical NFL game. You have a choice of the 4  quarterbacks from Championship Sunday to coach your kid’s football team. Who are you taking?

Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, and Ben Roethlisberger combine for 7 Super Bowl Rings and plenty of hardware…so which one do you want teaching your kid Football?

Can’t decide?

Let me break each leader down so you can make a better choice concerning who you want running your kid’s youth football team or high school unit.

Ben Roethlisberger

I’ll start with Big Ben. He very well may be the go-to option for a coach if you’re looking to add some toughness to your somewhat soft 8 year old.  The guy has played through a ton of injuries and has taken massive hits in his career, only to keep coming back for more.

You can bet if he gets run over by a tractor on Wednesday afternoon, he will still make it to the game on Saturday morning for the flag football game.  

Matt Ryan

Now for Matty Ice. He’s probably the friendliest option to coach your kid’s football team. Nicest guy ever. Ryan may end up the MVP of the League this year, but he’s as humble as the Steelers’ kicker.  And he had one heck of a game on Sunday, putting up a total of 5 touchdowns.

Of course, that could leave him vulnerable to a mom mutiny if the team loses a few games in a row. Matty Ice could find himself replaced by the middle school QB’s dad, with mom then pulling the strings.

Aaron Rodgers

Mr. State Farm seems like a great choice to coach a youth or high school football team. The dude is so chill. It’s likely he would lead a meditation routine that would propel his guys to a state title.

Though I can see the Packers’ leader getting upset when his quarterback failed to work miracles on every fourth play like Rodgers himself.  And any attempts at a Hail Mary that fall short of 6 points may end up in a benching.  That may seem a bit unfair, but to him, it’s par for the course.

Tom Brady

Who wouldn’t want a legend coaching their kid’s football team? With Tom Brady running the show, it would instill a ton of confidence in the team and the parents.  

Here’s the problem. Brady is so competitive, he’s the most likely QB to get into a fight with a parent who had the gall to question his play calling.  Not to mention, it’s almost a guarantee a team mom or two would try to replace Gisele, resulting in some locker room drama that hurts team morale.

So ultimately who do I want coaching my kid on the gridiron?

I’m going with Tom Brady even though I know his youth coaching career would end up in Woody Hayes fashion.  Is he on his way to a 5th Super Bowl Ring in Houston?  We’ll find out..

Those are our thoughts.

Now which QB would you pick to coach your kid?