All aboard the bandwagon, NFL fans!  The playoff train is leaving the station, and if you don’t jump on board quick, you’ll get left behind…just like your team did.  


The NFL playoffs start this weekend, so if your team didn’t get invited to the big dance, you need to side with a franchise that you can get behind. Temporarily, at least, if you want to enjoy Football in January.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell your buddies. Those fellas still wearing face paint days after the regular season ended won’t be too understanding if you go Benedict Arnold on them.

I’m not here to pretend it doesn’t suck seeking out a new team at the end of the year. But, hey, at least you don’t have to buy all new NFL apparel.  You can do your bandwagoning from the privacy of your own living room, or better yet the dark, damp basement.

If you’re unsure whether you’re in need of jumping on a playoff bandwagon, here are some clues:

CLUE 1:  

If your team has fired two coaches in two years after pushing away one of the top five coaches in all of football and you saw one of your top young LB’s retire in 2015 after his rookie year, you deserve to root for a winner.  


If your team has only won 4 games….in 2 years.  Wow, I hate to do this to these fans, who have been so loyal over the years. But if any fan base deserves to feel some borrowed postseason success, it’s the Dawg Pound.

CLUE 3: 

Tough to go to the Super Bowl, then miss the playoffs entirely, one year later.  And we’re not talking about the team that still won 9 games this year.  That’s a hard fall from grace which can only be tempered with some NFL apparel


Your QB1 and best player got hurt early on and you still managed to start the season 5-0 with a former #1 overall pick who hasn’t quite lived up to expectations.  What the heck happened?  At least this Fan Base can hold their head up high, they made our list of top NFL Fan Bases since 2013.


If I had one wish for the playoffs, it would be that this electrifying back was involved. Unfortunately he can’t just switch teams, although his recently fired and often loud and cocky coach may be doing so next season.

If you feel dirty about switching loyalties, don’t. It’s just for a short while. And BTW, you won’t be rooting against your actual favorite team.

They aren’t involved in the postseason anyway.

Ugh, sorry for the reminder.