While the NFL has seen ratings decline this year, there are certain franchises that are bucking the trend when it comes to home attendance.  We looked at home attendance for each franchise using ESPN data dating back to 2013 to see which Fan Bases are increasing their support of the team.  In fact, only 8 teams in the NFL have grown by 2% or more in home attendance since 2013, while 13 teams have actually seen declines in home attendance over that period.  Please note – we left out the Rams franchise because Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has significantly greater capacity  (93,000) than the Dome (66,000), so naturally home attendance was going to be significantly higher this year.

Each of the franchises on our list above, other than the Arizona Cardinals, represents a franchise that has seen improved team performance since 2013, based on record.  No team on the list, other than the Cardinals, had more than 8 wins in 2013.  The Cardinals, however, were fighting in one of the toughest divisions in NFL history that year, with the Seahawks finishing 13-3 and the 49ers finishing 12-4.  At 10-6, they finished 3rd in their own division.

There is a clear correlation between each team’s 2013 record and where they finished last season, in 2015.  The only exception is the Cowboys, who saw a win total of only 8 wins in 2013 and only 4 wins in 2015, but they’ve since rebounded to unexpected heights in 2016 with their 2 star rookies leading the way.

  • The Bills improved from 6 to 8 wins from 2013 to 2015 respectively
  • Jaguars 4 to 5
  • Vikings 5 to 11
  • Steelers 8 to 10
  • Raiders 4 to 7
  • Cardinals 10 to 13

It’s no surprise that team performance impacts an NFL fan‘s willingness to spend their hard earned dollars supporting the team.  If owners want to pack out their stadium and earn maximum revenue, they should focus on putting a quality team on the field, or at a minimum, makes moves that provide hope for the future.