It’s a dark time of year for many fantasy football players. Of course many of you ladies may have noticed a terrible change in your husbands personality in the past couple weeks.

It’s not the holiday blues that are causing him to mope around all day, unshaven and even wearing pajamas to the gas station.

Nope. He’s just another victim of the 2016 fantasy football season. The reason your man is going through what looks like a mid-life crisis is because he ended up a loser in his fantasy league.

I’ve got a buddy who could be framed in a before and after photo like U.S. Presidents with how they looked going into office compared to the stressed out monstrosities they became after four years as POTUS.

manziel-2  maziel-3

As a matter of fact, this poor guy could have been on front of GQ entering the NFL season. Now he’s a better fit for the Bad and Busted cover.

And they say fantasy football is fun!

It is. Yet in the end, the fun stops for all, except the one champion of the league who’s left standing at the end. The rest of the players end up looking like chumps with an unhealthy amount of pent-up frustration.


One guy in South Carolina caught a disorderly conduct charge for attacking his kid’s soccer net after a close loss in his semi-final fantasy contest. Mild mannered men are turning into a certain NY Giants wideout right before our eyes.


Is there hope for your fella if he’s showing signs of fantasy failure syndrome?

Yep. All he needs is a little ego stroking. Try one of these steps to help him regain the confidence he had before that number nerd ripped the league title from your man.

  • Ask him if he’s been working out.
  • Tell him you read a poll stating that most fantasy football champions are not that knowledgeable about the actual game. You know, lie.

With a little effort you can bring your hubby or boyfriend back from the brink of hopelessness.

Just make sure to take some action now before he compensates for his fantasy football fiasco with a new convertible. Or, he heads off to a Buddhist temple in a remote jungle to “figure his life out.”

Please leave your tales of fantasy football misery in the comment section. Maybe we can all get through this together.