We’re all about FAN moments, and FAN moments usually come with incredible surprises. However, for those of you who want to see the type of unique products in our boxes, here’s a sneak peak from prior chests (our Fall 2016 Sports Gift Box).  We typically include 5 products in each chest and we’ll walk through 4 of the items from that chest…ready to rock and roll?


Our Fall 2016 Sports Gift Basket from FANCHEST saw the launch of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Blackhawks, and Pittsburgh Penguins.  We had several concepts in mind for trying to curate some of the coolest sports licensed products while also looking to add some exclusive items to the chest.

First, with winter approaching and knowing how frigid it can be in Pittsburgh and Seattle during the last quarter of the NFL season, we knew we needed some warm weather gear.  Dallas was headed up to New York to play the Giants on December 11 for Sunday Night Football and we all know how frigid hockey arenas can be.

Our first product was a practical option for the Winter – The Winter Beanie

beanie  beanie

The next product was one the FANCHEST team felt had a lot of applications throughout the day.  Not to mention,  it allows you to show your team pride each step along the way.  In the morning, many of us love a good cup of coffee.  During work or school, it’s imperative to stay hydrated with cold water.  At night, why not have a beer and watch the game? (if you’re 21+, of course).  What better way to experience those moments than with a team Hot & Cold Tumbler.

The Hot/Cold Tumbler Cup



We wanted to add an exclusive item that was only sold at FANCHEST.  So we partnered with City Prints, a unique design company that creates designs of your favorite city, stadiums, and much more.  They designed an artistic view of your team’s stadium and city background that you can hang on your wall, which is sure to get noticed at the office.

Exclusive City and Stadium Artist Print


The next item we chose for our Fall 2016 Sports Gift Basket was something the whole team at FANCHEST was really excited about.  Another practical product, designed to keep you warm and toasty in the winter months, the Krazy Kover Koozie  is a dynamic drink cover that can used a variety of different drinks, including water bottles, wine, beer bottles, cans, and more.




The last product in this box is a Licensed T-Shirt from your favorite team.

Check back in for our Winter 2017 Sports Gift Basket, which has totally new products.  It’s a new theme, new concept, and it’s sure to pump you up!