There are two types of fans.  Which FAN are you:

  1. A die-hard sports fan that loves talking sports, 24-7.  Doesn’t matter who you’re with conversation always turns to sports.
  2. You know someone who’s a die-hard sports fan and you can’t stand when they talk about it 24-7.  But, you hate having nothing to contribute to the conversation and wished you knew more..

Well, if you answered #2 and need some impressive facts to make you look smart in any sports convo, it’s your lucky day!

Here are 5 Interesting NBA Facts to turn some heads!

NBA Facts

  • Michael Jordan (Chicago Bulls Great #23) was fined $5,000 per game that he played IN HIS OWN SHOE!  In 1985, the league had strict rules about what colors the players could wear and Michael Jordan’s Nike Shoes went against league policy.  He wore them anyway, and Nike fronted the bill.

Michael Jordan Shoes

  • In the 1961-62 NBA Season, Wilt Chamberlain averaged 50 points per game.  That’s the highest scoring average in an NBA season in NBA history.  Any other player not named Wilt Chamberlain never averaged even 40 points per game.  Michael Jordan’s highest season average was 37 in 1986-87.
  • The largest shoe size in NBA history is also the 2nd heaviest of all time (at 360 lbs).  He wore a size 24 EEE…damn.

Shaq Huge Shoes

  • A 7 Foot Tall man in the US has a 17% chance of playing NBA Basketball.  Horray for tall genes!
  • In 1987-88, the tallest and shortest players in league history played on the same team. Muggsy Bogues, at 5’3 played with Manute Bol, who stood at 7’7.

Tallest and shortest players in NBA history